What does a painter and decorator do?

Painters and decorators like ourselves here at The Painting Firm tend to work on some different structures and buildings. The jobs that they may be required to do tend to range from the application of a heavy duty finishing on ships, bridges or even oil rigs to a simple re-decoration of a basic household.

Painting & Decorating Tools

There are some different tools that decorators and painters tend to use. All these tools tend to depend greatly on the kind of job that is done. Some of these tools may include steamers, rollers, blow torches and brushes of different sizes. These tools are mostly used to apply a range of different finishes and materials that they are working on. Some of these finishes and materials include varnishes, solvents, wall coverings, and paints.

When a painter and decorator is called on a typical day job, the first thing that they tend to do is to carefully work out just how much wall is covering and paint is going to be needed for the job. Once this has been done, the decorators are going to come in with interior designers or their clients so that they can help them to choose the finishing type and texture, the choice of color to be used as well as the wall paper patterns that are going to be used.

Before any work can begin, the surfaces are first stripped and then cleaned and also any cracks and holes that are there are filled properly. Before the final coverings can be applied, the surfaces are usually sealed with what is known as a primer. The paint finishes that are normally usedare usually mixed to the shade that is required which may be done either by making use of a color matching equipment that is computerized or simply making use of their hands.

Painters and decorators may also be required to apply finishes that are more complex like rag-rolling, marbling, Artex work and graining. In some cases, there are those qualified painters and decorators who may choose to specialize in different restoration jobs.

Other things that a painter and decorator should expect to do:

  • There are other things that a painter and decorator may be required to do. They include:
  • Mix as well as thin a variety of paints
  • Properly prepare their working areas and spaces by either sanding, stripping and finally cleaning the area.
  • Get to know the kind of paint that is going to be needed and also measure accurately just how much will be enough for the job.
  • Clean the brushes and tools that are he or she is going to use.
  • Properly put masking tape so as to make sure that the window panes and skirting boards are protected.

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